“Tiger King” Joe Exotic’s Fuchsia Sequin Shirt

This fuchsia, sequin button up shirt was owned by “Tiger King” Joe Exotic and worn by him in the Netflix smash hit true crime Docuseries. You’ll see it appear very briefly at 38 minutes into into Episode 2. 

This shirt and several others were originally sold by Exotic’s former business partner Jeff Lowe who advertised their sale on the Greater Wynnewood Zoo Facebook page stating “Who wants to own a personally owned Joe Exotic shirt?! Get them while there are limit supplies.” 

The fuchsia shirt was quickly snatched up by Vincent Baran who bought it for just $100 and decided he could make a decent profit reselling it on Ebay. 

The shirt had received forty-three bids by the time the auction ended on April 17, 2020, topping out at $10,400.00. 

Unfortunately the winner of the auction claimed he had been hacked and did not bid on the item himself, and refused to pay for the shirt. Baran then relisted the shirt, opening it up for for best offers and still managed to snag $4,200.00 for it. 

Photos by Vincent Baran

This button up, spread collar shirt was handmade for Joe Exotic out of fuchsia, 100% polyester confetti-dot sequin fabric. This is one of the tackiest, cheapest sequin fabrics on the market and ranges at about $3-4 a yard. You often see it in used cheap Halloween/Party City costumes and accessories as well as low quality dancewear costumes.

Since the shirt is unlined, the fabric would be nearly transparent in the light aside from the 3mm sequins. The long sleeves have the tiniest hint of a bishop sleeve at the cuff. The shirt has two hole pearlized plastic button closures and a single snap at the collar. In true Joe Exotic style he wore this unbuttoned down to his stomach to show off his waxed chest. Though cheap and poorly made, this shirt is now a part of Americana T.V. history.